Kevin Hoop

Director of Occupational Health and Safety

Kevin Hoop

I have 30 years Occupational Health & Safety working experience in a vast array of industry sectors and currently within the Food Manufacturing/Packaging & Warehousing/Logistics/Farm/Agriculture. An added asset that sets me apart from others is that I am a MOL approved safety trainer with over 300 programs approved.

Having a career as an expert claims manager, I have been able to cost save in WSIB claims a total 0f 9 million to date in my career so far. I currently hold a Yellow belt in lean manufacturing background and rely on my 5's experience to implement workplace enviroments in a safe and ergonomical way with proper guarding and expertise in Pre Start Safety Reviews and safety auditing.

I am a on a path of continious life long learning and I belong to several safety professional organizations including the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering. I consult and network on a constant basis that allows me to stay current with all safety laws and all regulatory changes.

I have been a JHSC Certified Representative for over 30 years and have a clear record of successfully being the Co-Chair JHSC certified managment representation and team leader in safety.

I have logged over 93,000 hours in my professional training career and participants reflect feedback that I am a highly skilled, fun, safety trainer and have testimonials of attendees to my successful training abilities and I can provide their testimonial upon request.

I can hit the ground running due to my lenghtly expereince. I have sucessfully faced many challenges and can adapt 100% to fit into any type of management/business structure and build out improved safety.

As a well-seasoned safety expert leader, I am able to quickly provide instant improved safety KPI's to any organization and can professionally build an improved safety culture immediately by my proven expereince in creating and providing full implemention of safety plans/programs/policy and procedures while acheiving positive buy in from all levels of any orgainization.

I can provide my safety track record, that truely reflects my successful and sustained safety abilities in both my short and long term employment engagements and I can easily share the challenges I have faced in my career and stand as testaments to me being a successful business leader and advanced safety expert. I look forward to reviewing and sharing my experiences, career portfolio, and safety track record and having a great discussion of how I championed the challlenges that I have faced while having a very rewarding working career.

"Occupational health and safety is not just about compliance; it's about creating a culture where every individual feels empowered to prioritize their safety."
- Kevin Hoop

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