The Culture Difference


Culture Advisory Group is in business to accelerate the agriculture and food industry by facilitating and supporting change and capacity building to prepare for the future. As food industry advisors, we collaborate globally with small medium and large multi-national organizations.

As food industry advisors, we collaborate globally with small, medium, and large multi-national organizations and companies including:

  • Manufacturers and Brand Owners
  • Pre- and Post-Gate Producers
  • Grocery Retailers
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Non-Government Organizations
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Commercial Testing Laboratories
  • Industry Consultants
Culture Advisory Group

The Culture Difference

The Culture Advisory Group combines a select group of agriculture and food industry consultants with experience in supply chain solutions and technologies, which address the urgent needs of today’s agriculture and food industry.

CAG recognizes that major improvements and system changes can be very daunting. Many organizations do not have the resources, expertise, or funds to successfully implement the requirements needed to comply with these regulations and third-party certifications.

We partner with food companies providing the expertise, software systems and capital funding advice to achieve business objectives and comply with the highest regulatory and customer compliance requirements. We work with our clients enabling them to compete with category leaders and Tier 1 brands, to access new market opportunities.

Culture Advisory Group


CAG is committed to serving organizations wishing to grow their capacity by connecting a suite of innovative services that will deliver world class results across 3 synergistic areas of expertise:

Advising & Consulting

We are leading subject matter experts on global regulations and private standards for food safety and quality management system compliance in the agriculture and food industry.

Software Integration

We can work with you to digitize and integrate your food, quality, and risk management system needs utilizing the Culture Advisory Group proprietary software.

Funding & recovery


Collaborating with Canadian agencies, we offer leadership, consulting, application writing, and advocacy to access funding, accelerating business objectives effectively.