Culture Advisory Group

We are committed to working with companies wishing to explore opportunities to upgrade their food safety and quality systems

We Love What We Do

We engage with our customers to discover and assess their current systems and technologies, followed by providing detailed practical recommendations for process changes and new investments.

Our Working Process

We partner with you on all aspects of your continual business improvement objectives.
Culture Advisory Group


Culture Advisory Group is committed to serving organizations wishing to grow their capacity by connecting a suite of innovative services that will deliver world class results across 3 synergistic areas of expertise:


Advising & Consulting

We are leading subject matter experts on global regulations and private standards for food safety and quality management system compliance in the agriculture and food industry.

Software Integration

We can work with you to digitize and integrate your food, quality, and risk management system needs utilizing the Culture Advisory Group proprietary software.

Funding & recovery

Collaborating with Canadian agencies, we offer leadership, consulting, application writing, and advocacy to access funding, accelerating business objectives effectively.

Culture Advisory Group

Acquire the technical and scientific resources needed to meet the requirements of an audit-ready industry